Massively Multiplayer Rock Paper Scissors was originally designed for GameCity9 in 2014.


I wanted to create a game that would bring people together and allow them to interact with each other, without having to be at a specific time and place. A game that exists on top of all the other events that are currently occurring and that is persistent.


A large amount of inspiration came from the Highlander film, were there is a secret society of people who meet and duel to the death to absorb each other’s powers. “There can be only one!”. Obviously a game were you are knocked out after a single game would not be that fun. I remembered going to a work event where we were given wristbands with tear off tabs for food and drinks tokens. Then things kind of came together.


With help from my colleagues at London College of Communication and with the support of the University we were able to get the wristbands designed and made. I then took them to GameCity were I got a really good response, with people being interested in running it at their events.


I am now in the process of putting together all the files necessary to run this game on this site.


About the Designer

David King is a lecturer in Games Design and a physical computing specialist at LCC:UAL.


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