Run MMRPS at Your Event

If you are in the London area, I have a few hundred wristbands that are printed and ready to use, they are available on a first come first serve bases. Just get in touch with me either @dr_d_king or d.king(at)

If you would like to get the wristbands printed for yourself, I got mine printed through ID&C, a company specialising in wristbands. If you contact them with the reference number 87144 they will be able to pull up the design documents and help you. There prices vary with the amount you order but £0.25 per unit is not far off, there is also a minimum order. Remember to order different colours so the teams can be formed.

All I ask in return is that you point people back to this site and encourage the use of the hashtag #MMRPS on social media sites.

Running the Game

You will need a desk, station or some way to distribute the wristbands to people, when doing so make sure you give out even amounts of the three colours used.

You will need three pots to collect the heart tabs in. I used glass jars and attached a few wristbands to them using an elastic band to make it clear which pot was for which team. I also put a couple of the correct coloured tabs into each pot to act as a guide, i.e. two blue and red tabs in the yellow pot, two red and yellow tabs in the blue pot and two yellow and blue tabs in the red pot. Place these pots somewhere visible and easily accessible for all the players.

If I’m verbally explaining the game to a new player my description goes something like this:

Massively Multiplayer Rock Paper Scissors. There are three teams: red, blue and yellow. The wristband you wear represents your team, should you come across a player from a different team whilst wondering around this event, you can challenge them to a duel. You play a single game of Rock Paper Scissors, the loser gives a heart tab to the winner. Any heart tabs that you win, you return and put in your teams pot. At the end of event we will find out which team has collected the most hearts and won.

If you have any questions please get in touch.


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